Pathfinder Encounter Builder Updated

As part of investigating what things that are hosted on this website that people are actually using, I noticed a few people are still using the Pathfinder Encounter Builder that I created years ago. I have recently updated it to use React Hooks as well as gave it a shiny fresh coat of paint.

Five Goblins Encounter Builder Five Goblins Encounter Builder

The naming was inspired by "Kobold Fight Club" which is a similar tool for Dungeons and Dragons which colloquially was called "KFC". Since "Five Guys" is another fast food restaurant, I decided to name it "Five Goblins" because goblins and kobolds are similar.

Additionally, I've created a script which will take the data from the PF2E system for FoundryVTT and extract it, so that the data now includes all of the creatures that have been created for the Pathfinder 2E system, instead of just the ones that were around when I created the tool.

Check it out at Five Goblins Encounter Builder