Another update

I feel bad waiting so long to update this page, but I'm lazy. So sue me. It's not like anyone reads this anyways.

Finals are done, and that means school is done too. When I started writing this, I had just finished school, but now it's a few weeks later and I've already got my grades back. It was a fun semester and fairly easy because 3 of the classes (MATH 108, CS 028, and PHIL 060) were very similar to each other, with each going over most of the same stuff at the beginning as general knowledge and branching off to their respective areas for more detail with MATH 108 going into more detail on proof, and then set notation and then more detail on functions. And then CS 028 going into a tiny bit of set notation followed by computer science related concepts like logic circuits, and recursive functions, and langauges (i.e. regular expressions, finite automata, and grammars). However, PHIL 060 didn't seem to go any furthur. It seemed the entire class was learned the first 3 weeks in MATH 108, but with different symbols. MATH 102 was fairly easy because I had already read a book about Number Theory before, and it was much similar although I didn't understand the book and taking the class made me understand it much better. CS 130 was also an easy class because I had read The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven S. Skiena, which is very in depth and the CS 130 class was a subset of the book. I was actually surprised that the class didn't go farther into detail on problems like NP-complete, and things like that. If you care about the teachers I had, I thought Taylor (MATH 108) was a really good and entertaining teacher, although I'm sure the dynamics of the other students in the class helped with that. Also she gave good lectures, but I've heard that she's hard (I didn't really think so though). Krovetz (CS 028) was very organized and a good teacher overall.

One thing I thought was interesting about CSUS was I thought I might see some people I haven't seen since high school, since I went to American River while most of the other people in my class went either to Sierra or directly to CSUS. The whole semester I didn't see a single person from my High School at the college. I only saw one person from American River that I had in a couple math classes there. Other than that, I did see someone working at a place I regularly go to for food that went to High School with me (and I like to think we were friends). Perhaps next semester will be better.

I finally got my PVR set up, and I ended up moving it into my room without a network cable. My dad brought some long rolls of cable from Utah that don't have ends on them, so I'll need to get some connectors the device that crimps them and feeds the wires in. I also had to get a Svideo -> RCA connector at Radio Shack for $20 (wow!) since HSC didn't have any, and I didn't want to make one myself. It actually works pretty good now that we get more channels through Comcast since they converted service in our area (again), so I'm really only missing out on Tech TV, a few others, and the movie channels without making the IR blaster.

I've also been working on a new map, which I've tentatively called fry_laser2k3. Basically the intentions of it were to make a 9on9 version of fry_laser, but I don't know if I'll be able to do have all the gameplay additions without making the map too unbalancing for offense or defense. It's shaping up pretty well, with having almost all of the base constructed except for the spawn, and potentially another small "buffer" room. So really just the midfield and cloning the bases after that, so it shouldn't be too hard.