new map more done

fry_laser2k3 is coming along quite nicely, and I think I will leave it as that name and have the same features that it does (two capture points, fall-through laser with +1 if you have the flag). It's probably still going to be a bit defensive though. I also had a playtest on fry_trap that Virus helped put on (getting a server and getting people to come). Other than the "I'm confused" people because the map is mirrored instead of rotated (and it is kind of confusing), and a few people leaving before it was over, it went good. I don't think that this map will be popular because it's too long to get to the other base, and it's easy to defend. It was really designed to be a "fun map" anyways so I'll probably fix up the small bugs and release it as-is.

I've recently switched browsers to Mozilla Firebird away from IE. I still pop open IE for small quirks like opening up movies without saving them, and the fact that certain plugins don't work properly. Apart from a few web pages, everything looks normal, which Netscape 6/7 failed to do when I used them before. I used to use Netscape "back in the day" when I still used windows 3.1, and really would prefer to use something else besides Microsoft products because eventually I want to be able to make the switch to Linux from Windows. I also think it has more features than IE does like the / search, and the download history. It still has a bunch of little quirks, but I'm sure I can get used to it.