new site layout, blog system

Well, as you might have noticed, I changed the layout of the site a little bit. It still remains mostly the same, but it's not nearly as radical as some of the other layouts I've done. Hopefully I can have a better post up tomorrow since I have a bunch I can write about (it has been a while since I've updated mainly since it's a pain to open up text files and edit them, then upload them. After creating dynamic sites for so long, you'd think I would've written one for this already. I figured it was easier to use something that was already written though, so I got bblog (see link at the bottom of the page) and plan to modify it to suit my needs. Currently the non-news stuff is hacked together pretty bad to use the older engine for the pseudo-dynamic pages, mainly the table macros so I wouldn't have to type all that. That, and it made the pages a lot cleaner to write and look at.

Hope you like it. Now you can comment on the pages too, so I can see if you have to say anything.