Me and my mom took a vacation for a few weeks at my dad's apartment in Utah. Boy am I glad I brought my laptop since there's not much to do there. Comcast was supposed to have cable modem service available before I got there, but it still isn't available (and I've been home for 3 weeks). Good thing too because my dad bought a house there so he wouldn't be throwing away money to the appartment complex.

While I was there I watched the first and second seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD. It's actually pretty interesting to watch the first seasons because I've never watched them in their entirety before and makes the later seasons make more sense. Seeing them out of order on rerun tv doesn't help much either since the series was almost over before I understood most of what was happening. Also while we were there, we went to a few resturaunts; one of which was The Cracker Barrel. That place has the best iced tea I've ever had. Seriously.

I got to do some coding too. I implemented a Genetic Algorithm to determine the best way to play Blackjack (whether to hit/stand against cards with what you have), aka the "Basic Strategy." Since I'm turning 21 in October (buy me something on my wishlist if you want to celebrate my birthday!), I've been reading up a little bit on gambling in general. I saw some of the tables there and decided to implement something. I'm sure that the statistical methods are more accurate, but I wanted to see how well GA's could do.

That about sums up my trip. It was fun, but not long enough. Nothing ever is (except work).