email sucks

With the recent SoBig.F worm/virus outbreak, my email started getting flooded with silly emails asking me to look at an attachment. Since I know better, I didn't bother opening them. However, it's still mildly frustrating to have to be deleting spam again since using SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin went to the rescue though, since by adding a high score to MICROSOFT_EXECUTABLE, I haven't gotten any more. Too bad virus detectors don't know that the SoBig worm doesn't send a valid From: address. Since the outbreak I've gotten numerous emails telling me I've been sending emails out (hint: I haven't). Since I can't say it any better, I think just reading this blog entry explains it just as well. Virus detectors need to learn how emails work. On a related note, yahoo needs to send out the bounce warnings without malformed email headers because they are crashing a php script I wrote that checks an email box. I guess I need to submit a bug to PHP now.