laptops and wardriving

On another note, my dad pointed out that my laptop was in this week's Fry's ad and it had another instant rebate on it. So we both went, and my mom came too because she was the one that had to put it on her credit card because the stupid credit card companies deny me any other credit than the ridiculous $200 credit limit "secured card" that I have, which puts a block on $300 in my savings account. Explain that to me! To think I've spent several thousand dollars on that thing and I still get denied, even though I'm preapproved. And then I get a ding on my credit report making it even harder to get credit. /rant. We thought that Fry's would give us crap because it was only an "instant rebate" and not the advertised price, but they gave it to us no hassle, but not the 110% price match. We didn't really want to argue so we took it and went shopping. My mom ended up getting Season 1 of Highlander and Burglar, which I watched on my laptop on the way home. I also got a Blue LED case fan, but I don't know if I like it yet because the LED won't turn off at night (unless it has something to do with that other wire we didn't know what was for). I also find amusing that Fry's was selling gas masks. Good ol' capitalism.

I also had fun wardriving (if you want to call it that) on the trip. I found 9 networks available, but only 2 I could successfuly get in to. Not that I expected much though, because the car was going too fast.