Poker odds calculator up

I've put up a small utitlity just now to calculate odds and the required pot size for calling bets. You can go to it by visiting the link to it on the right. I've also added a link (unworking) to the site I've just registered, I plan to use it to write a c# program similar to Poker Tracker but more extensive than it, including tracking for games other than hold-em. Originally it started as writing a web-based application with a game playback feature, but after creating the database for it and everything I decided that there's too much data being sent to make it feasable for a web application. Mainly it's because the software is $70, and I think I can write something better than it. Only time will tell.

As an aside, I've recently purchased Programming C# by Jesse Liberty and published by O'reilly to help me learn C# enough to do this project. It seems like it's geared for people with a lot less programming experience than I have though, so I don't know if I'd reccomend it to other experienced programmers. It definately has a lot of information in it though.

For robot updates, I've bought makings for another robot, which is going to tentatively be called FryDrumBot, which won't be anythin like anything I've seen as an antweight, and hopefully it'll be good too :). Also, I've got plans for FryBot 3.0. Basically, it's going to be the same as FryBot 2.0, except with wedges built into it. I don't know what I'm going to do with the pneumatics kit right now though. Maybe I'll make a third robot or find a way to fit it into FryBot 3.0 :). I'm going to be working on my robot history page today, so it shows history of my robots.