It's about time for me to add a favicon for this site. I lost the original .psd of the burntpopcorn logo that a friend made for me (thanks Scopes), and he lost it too, so I decided I would attempt remaking the image in the copy of Fireworks that I won. I couldn't figure out what font he used though, so I scrapped the entire thing and decided to just use the .gif and clean it up a little bit and resize it. It turned out ok so I'm not complaining.

After that, I decided to throw up a quick page and logo for Poker Saver. Also, I've added a quick screenshot of pokersaver for you to gawk at. Well, not much to look at yet, but it's going to own. What you see is loading the SQLite database using the ADO.NET provider for SQLite, imported using the PHP scripts I wrote for the original website version. I'm still not sure if I'm going to release it as open-source or not though. If I do, it would be under a BSD or Apache-style license, or maybe even a source-viewable license.