Pokersaver Alpha 01 released

I've decided to release version alpha 01 of poker saver. Right now all it can do is import the complete game information about Party Poker games only and display the game information back, with filters for game types, money type, and limits. Not much yet, but I can see it coming together. If anyone wants to, then you can download Poker Saver alpha 01. Simply extract the zip file to a new directory and run pokersaver.exe. It should be self-explanitory. Post any obvious bugs in the comments if you want to. I know about parsing bugs with Omaha and Real money no-limit games, so don't bother with those :)

For those of you coming to my page about FryDrumBot 1.0, I haven't started building it yet. I've got some plastic for the endcaps and the stabalizer (that's not in the picture), and all of the electronics for it, but not the drum yet. I plan to get that on Tuesday or so and finish building the entire thing by next Friday. I'll take pictures this time.