It looks like spammers have been using spam bots and putting their web page in my referer thing.. That has to go so I'm going to remove it. Sorry to all the folks that liked it (I liked it mainly). Also, Poker Saver alpha 02 is coming along nicely for those of you that are interested. Also, I've got all the parts for FryDrumBot, including the aluminum tube, but I'm not sure if it'll be the one I'll use. Currently it's 3" diameter, 1/8" wall, and 1.77oz per lineal inch. The electronics weigh 6oz, and the two endcaps weigh 2oz total, and the wheels weigh 2oz total, so that leaves 6oz for the drum, stabalizers and chassis mounts, which isn't quite enough. I may end up buying a thinner wall for half the weight (but less momentum), or a smaller diameter which will cut down on the weight of the endcaps as well.