FryDrumBot 1.0

Just showing a picture of the work done so far on my new camera.. For those of you interested. Basically the alluminum tube has been machined down using the ME machine shop at Sac State -- thanks for letting me use it. Also I used my dad's drill press to make the inner end cap (the clear plastic/acrilic) with some device I don't know what it's called (a drill bit in the middle with an arm and a blade sticking on the other side. In the shape of an h). I might need to make a new one because this one slipped when I cut the second one and there is like two holes in it. The first one is better. I still need to sand the outside down and perhaps use some glue/epoxy/adhesive to attach the inner endcap to the bearing. The outer endcap is fine because it will be sandwiched in by the bearing. Basically all that's needed is to mount the inner stuff and add some teeth to it. I'm thinking about making some bars/spikes and welding them to the drum in a spiral pattern to save on weight instead of using a pair of long bars across the length of it. It shouldn't really need to spin as fast as some of the other drums though because it will have a higher KE simply by being as big as it is, so I don't think welding the teeth on should be any problem. Of course, actually making the teeth, and actually welding them on will be a bigger problem, as I don't know how to do either :).

Drumbot Shell Drumbot Shell

If you noticed I said I got a new camera today. I did. It's a digital camera made my Minolta, the Dimage S414. I saw it advertised on along with a printer for $220 total after rebates. I didn't really need a printer, even for $20 more so I just got the camera and a 256mb CF disk and some batteries to get over $250 for the $50 coupon amazon was offering. I like it so far. It's nice and big and sturdy unlike the other tiny cameras that seem like they'll break in your hands. It's not too big or heavy though, it fits nicely in your hands (well mine at least). Although I like heavier things, perhaps that's why I like the Logitech MX700 because of its weight. Anyways, without further ado, here's the picture:

Also, I finally solved the google problem (see the post below). I had a filter running on the primes because I thought it would be much deeper into the depth of the digits of e, but it wasn't. I removed the filter and found the right answer right away :). The second problem was much harder, but I read a spoiler for it (it just beckoned me too much since I was already on the page), so I won't claim to have solved it. I was on the right track though.