Life Sucks :( :(

Looks like one of my hard drives crashed today. I turned my computer on this morning and went in and took a shower before going to school, and when I got back it was doing scandisk and got stuck and my hard disk was making crashing sounds (motor trying to spin up then hitting something). It was the one with about half of my applications on it (some programs refuse to install anywhere but in c:program files), all of the source code I've ever written, including poker saver, fryblast, all the archives of imagic/igaming/mtgonline/etc and stuff from school, my trillian with all of the contacts renamed, logs from irc channels I've been in for 5+ years, all the games I had installed, including the "source" of all the fry_ maps, and my entire mp3 collection. Yes, I know that was a run-on sentence and it's just used to emphasise my anguish. Luckily I just turned in my pawn stop program tuesday or else I would've had to do it again. Also that I happened to use SVN for Poker Saver and had the repository on another hard drive, so I'll only have lost the stuff I've done between now and the last version. Also that my picture collection was on the c: drive too, because those are harder to replace. The source code I would've mainly used for reference and most of that knowledge is in my head now, and most of the other stuff is replacable except for the maps, although I don't think anything was going to happen to them any time soon. Most of the other stuff can be reinstalled. The thing that sucks is I just got a hard drive and was going to swap this drive out for it. If I hadn't been so lazy I would still have all my files. Murphy's law would've made the other drive fail though, so I guess it wasn't my fault.

Thankfully the books I ordered myself for my birthday from Amazon got here yesterday, so I'll have something to do while my new drive formats and all my programs get installed.