Continuing on?

In other news, I was parking my car Tuesday (ya ya, I know it's Thursday but I forgot about it) in the parking garage. Normally I go straight to the roof because it's easier to park there and I need the excercise anyways. It was raining that day though, so I thought I should park on one of the lower levels that wasn't the roof so I wouldn't get rained on. And when I say wouldn't get rained on I mean only get rained on for the 5% of the trek out of the parking garage. However, there were none. So I ended up parking on the roof anyways.

On the fifth floor however (roof minus one) I heard the nostalgic sounds of the CSUS drum line practicing in the garage. I can hear the bass drums booming (what I used to play), the snares clacking, the metronome beeping while they play their music. There is also an encore when they finish from the car alarms. Silly car owners who set their car alarms too sensitively. I mean, why should a car alarm go off when it feels a large percussive force? Sheesh.