Trackbacks have been disabled.

This won't affect most of you, but I have disabled trackbacks on my blog. I'd like to give a big EFF YOU to all the spammers that spam my web page trying to get google pagerank (you won't, since the trackback links don't link to you), and spam my email with "new trackback received." Off to delete 200 more now :(. It's especially sick since almost all of them are transexual related, with about half of them refering to "tgirls." Odd.

In other news, I'm still hard at work on Fortress Forever doing a bunch of pushing buttons on my keyboard in a funny language called c++. My WoW guild has been changed to Ataraxia and I have been doing a bit of web work for them as well. I also started going back in to work and hopefully making some $$$. No more robot news, except that I went to Marin Ant Wars with my dad and friend Joe. We had to drive in seperate cars because Joe picked up a trebuchet that he was given at the event by someone who didn't have enough room for it any more. We took it back to his place and tested it out.. It's pretty cool :). I did pretty well at the event too, coming 5th out of 16.