Team Fortress Classic Maps

fry_laser2k3 #

When I made fry_laser, many people (well, a few at least) said I should make a 9on9 version of the map. This is that attempt. It has all the features that fry_laser does, including the fall-through laser and the secondary activated capture point. It also has spawn tubes like in the map prodigal. The layout is fairly simple so it should be easy to learn.


Download fry_laser2k3 beta 2.

fry_trap #

This is my "fun" map as I like to call it. It has the fun elements of a bunch of maps I've played in my career in clanning. Basically I just want to pit the players against not only the other team, but the bases themselves. Also many ways to get your name on the death board for others to laugh at. It features 3 "traps" in each base, both synchronized to the same schedule so not to be unbalanced between each team. Also it features a pair of trains so you can have fun trying to run over the other team. Also it has multiple routes between bases to prevent yard defense, while maintaining a couple main choke points so that it's not unbalanced in offense's favor. I hope you enjoy playing this one.


Download fry_trap beta 2.

fry_morfort #

I have decided to remake 2morfort with some inspiration from FragFire (of TFL glory). His ideas are here for those that are interested. Since Defrag is the king of remakes, I have decided to use his style for this map. Hopefully you'll have more fun with this map in large games than the original one‚


Download fry_morfort.

fry_baked #

fry_baked is an 8on8 map set in a desert theme. Originally it was intended to be 9on9, but it seemed too defensive for that many players on defense. It is a play on the words "fry" and "baked", since it's baked because it's in a desert, and my name is FryGuy, but fry and baked are different and they don't seem to like each other. I guess you don't like my poor sense of humour at this point. Anyways, it has 2.5 entrances into the flag room, and 2 major choke points. This one should be much less scoring than fry_laser or fry_complex. Anyways, I hope you like it. I do.


Download fry_baked.

fry_complex #

I present to you my second 5on5 map. It is set in Deride's oppose2k1 styled bases, with two levels. There are lasers on the upper level covering the flag in a small pit. The lasers have to be deactivated on the lower level. It's pretty much standard shutdown-styled capture the flag with good game flow and lots of connectivity


Download fry_complex.

fry_laser #

This is the second map I've made. I like it much more than the other one. This has multiple routes of attack and multiple ways to score points. The powerful lasers can burn a hole in you, but if you have the flag your sacrifice for the team earns it a point. Also if you active the alternate capture point you can capture at it for double the points!


Reviews: Pixel Maps. Score: B TF Map Complex. Score: 80/100

Download fry_laser.

fry_conc #

I've decided to try my turn at a conc map. This one isn't the standard run of the mill conc map though. It is tiered and will have 3 tiers of jumps. Also in it is my patented* anti-conc medicine™. Now you will not have to wait around for your conc to wear off. (Update June 2018) This map was never officially released and I lost the project file from my hard drive. However, a beta was recovered and the last beta I sent out to people, so it can at least be enjoyed by those that are interested.


Download fry_conc.