fry_laser2k3 in beta

The web page was down recently, and I apologize for this to those that tried to go to it. The site should be back and everything should be up and running as it was before. If it wasn't, let me know.

I finished the first beta of fry_laser2k3, which you can download here. I don't want to repeat myself, so I'll just quote the maps page:

When I made fry_laser, many people (well, a few at least) said I should make a 9on9 version of the map. This is that attempt. It has all the features that fry_laser does, including the fall-through laser and the secondary activated capture point. It also has spawn tubes like in the map prodigal. The layout is fairly simple so it should be easy to learn.

I had a playtest on the map last week, and it had almost entirely positive reviews from people playing it, and I'll take that as a sign this map is pretty good, even though the playtest audience tends to be receptive of new maps. The only real problem with it in the current state is the ease of getting into the flag room going through the air lift.